Powder Coating Finishes

There are many different powder coating finishes available. You can choose from high gloss, gloss, semi-gloss, low-gloss, flat, matte, wrinkle, fine texture, hammer, hammertone, vein, and more.

Cardinal, one of our suppliers, has good samples of different finishes on their site here.

You can match a certain powder coat finish to a particular use. For instance, we had a customer that wanted to powder coat the runners on his 4x4 gloss black. He was a kayaker and would step on his runners to strap his kayak on top of his truck. Seeing a disaster waiting to happen, I suggested he use a powder coating with a little grit in it so that he wouldn't slip next time he stepped up with wet feet. He agreed and loves the powder coating job we did for him. He still drops by the shop when he is in the area.

We always sit down with our customers to see what they want and need so we get the job done right the first time with the proper powder coating. Finishing the job exactly the way you expect it is the most important aspect of the job for us.

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