Industrial Powder Coating

preparing to powdercoat a fence

Industrial powder coating is used in many industries; production, construction and manufacturing. The Powder Coating Institute says that powder coating looks like paint but wears like armor. That is the type of coating that is needed for industrial applications. Powder coating gives a uniform, durable high quality finish that is rust-free, scratch resistant and ecologically friendly.


In the construction industry, powder coating is used to protect and beautify railings, gates and fences. Outdoor fixtures can also be powder coated. Because this finishing method protects the railing or gate from the environment, it is used instead of painting in many instances.

Manufacturing and Production

Anything manufactured out of metal can be powder coated. Chairs, desk accessories, children's toys, lawn and other outdoor furniture, anything can be powder coated with an industrial coating.

Five Star Costings' powder coating services are available to your construction or manufacturing company to provide industrial finishes for your products and projects.

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