Automotive Powder Coating

Five Star Coatings can handle your automotive powder coating needs. We can powder coat any metalic part of a car. We powdercoat car frames, knowing how exacting hot rod and muscle car owners are. The owner of Five Star Coatings, Mike, is a hot rod builder and owner himself and knows what it takes to do a good powder coating job.

We are a Member of SEMA and do the powder coating for owners of hot rods and muscle cars in Southern California. In fact we sponsor a car show at our facility every Fall. This year's event was a success with many cars and all proceeds from the car show went directly to a local charity. We hope to see more cars next year. Call us in late summer to get details.

We hand-spray each project, so be assured your job will get the attention it deserves.

Auto Painting

Powder coating automotive parts is better than painting them. Powder coating is better for the environment, provides a nicer, more thorough protective coating and cures in minutes. Powder coating is much less likely to chip, crack or drip than auto paint. When it comes to automotive finishing, it pays to take a look at powder coating.


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