Antique Street Lamps

Five Star Coatings can powder coat your antique street lamps. Our powder coating process can protect and beautify your new decorative light poles too. Powder coating offers UV protection, is stronger than paint and is environmentally friendly.

If you have outdoor lighting in your yard, Five Star Coatings can refinish it and make it look like %quot;new.%quot; First, we remove the old finish. Then we apply a chemical wash. Finally we apply the powder coating finish of your choice and voila, your %quot;antique%quot; lights look better than new.

Don't have lamps in your yard? There are many fabrication companies that can take your photograph of an antique streetlight and recreate the design for you. These can then be powder coated with a number of different powder coating finishes; black, white, bronze, verdigris, green, even rust!

Five Star Coatings currently has the capability to powder coat long items up to 20 feet in length. Contact us for your powdercoating needs today at (909) 307-1178!