All About Powder Coating

If you want to learn all about powder coating, you have come to the right place. We have been powder coating since 2003 and do a great job in Southern California. If you don't live in the area, we hope we can answer your questions so when you look for a powder coater in your area, you know the right questions to ask to get a great job.

Powder coating begins with a thorough cleansing. Each item goes through several chemical baths to remove dust, oils and other contaminants. Various chemical coatings are applied. They act as a sponge to attract the powder to the bare metal.

Electrically charged powder is then sprayed using a spray gun and allowed to completely cover each and every part. This complete covering protects against corrosion and makes the part cosmetically appealing. If certain parts need to be masked, we discuss the options with you and make sure we follow your direction completely. putting product in the powdercoating oven We then put the powder coated part in our large oven at a high temperature. Powder coating creates a solid covering that envelopes every part of the piece creating a covering that is far superior to liquid coatings.

Advantages of Powder Coating

It is energy efficient - Saves you time and moneyPremium system and supplies - We use the best powder and systemCorrosion ResistantGlare resistantLooks better than liquid coatingsEnvironmentally responsible - 95% of overspray can be recycled. Less VOC than paintNo "dry time" - Parts are ready to go as soon as they have cooled.

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